Pet Loss Program FOR KIDS

Diana will guide your children through Pet Loss to help them understand grief and the afterlife with their pet. This short program (approx. 15 minutes) includes PDF downloads to help your children transition from feeling loss to feeling grateful.

Diana is a medium and spiritual healer. She talks to pets after they pass.

Find out what they tell her about Pet Heaven

What happens when a pet dies?

Guidance for the death and afterlife of pets

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    • Pet Loss Program FOR KIDS

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Your Guide

World Renowned Afterlife Expert

Diana Palm

Diana Palm is a world renowned expert on the afterlife with over 30 years of experience as a professional medium. She is a multi-published author who has dedicated her life to helping people heal from grief through providing proof of the afterlife. Welcome to the Afterlife Portal where you have access to highly specialized spiritual training and resources. Diana's expertise is unmatched in the field; including her in depth knowledge of death & the afterlife. She shares her expertise as a medium and spiritual healer through her books, online courses, retreats, and through her #1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program.

The Gift of Healing

It's such a small price to pay for expert advice on Pet Loss FOR KIDS