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    • Paranormal Medium

    • Ghost or Spirit?

    • QUIZ - Paranormal Medium

    • Haunted Location List

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    • This is why we we do what we do...

    • Poor Farm

    • Insane Asylum

    • Haunted Inn

    • Orphanage

    • Haunted Woods

    • Civil War Battlefield

    • My Little Sister

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    • Diana Palm's Personal Collection

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    • Clear Negative Entities & Ghosts

    • Exercise- In the Field with Devices

    • QUIZ - Clearing Negative Entities & Ghosts

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    • Clear Hauntings - Meditation

    • Staying Clear After a Haunting


    • Spiritual Warrior Protection

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Become a Rescue Medium!

Amplify your Mediumship skills with world-class expert in Paranormal Rescue Mediumship. Clear Negative Entities with ease!

Amplify Your Mediumship Skills

Bypass overwhelm, fear and doubt by learning these actionable and easy steps!

  • Cross Over Ghosts with Ease!

  • Identify Negative Entities & Confidently Clear Them

  • Provide Healing for the Haunted

  • Increase Spiritual Clarity

  • Join our online Mediumship Group for Support

Help the Haunted!

Generate income with your expertise in clearing the haunted!

Stand out among a sea of psychic mediums by taking actionable steps to differentiate yourself. Become a Rescue Medium and help your clients end spiritual attack and clear their haunted properties!

Social proof: testimonials

I Feel Ready and Prepared!

TJ Brennan

This course is extremely informative and deep. I feel prepared for spiritual experiences that have yet to come my way. I appreciate Diana's one of a kind expertise and knowledge...she's the real deal. Don't waste your time looking for another course. I am signing up for her other courses right away.

I Feel Empowered!

by Traci Maguire Lowthian

"Thank you beautiful Diana Palm. I can't thank you or recommend you enough. The knowledge you share with so much clarity is easy to follow. I am so grateful for the meditation, very powerful! I feel empowered and confident to do what I love, being of service to spirit and loved ones here. Helping raise the vibrations and helping beautiful souls one at a time or multiple with much ease and grace. Truly grateful for you!"

I Loved the Course!

Celeste Flidr

"I loved the course! I found it very clear and well organized to work through. I have learned so much in terms of residual energy and removing hooks, ties and clearing the person's involved as well as their properties and residual energy. I feel that your course really helped me and I am very grateful."

Amazing Results!

Deborah Mathias

"I love Paranormal Rescue Medium Course. I have been doing ghost tours for years. By taking this course, I got a better understanding for the spirit world, plus all we have to offer while out in the field. I immediately applied the techniques that I learned in the class and have seen amazing results. My favorite part of the class is, now I'm seeing sharper vision and getting so much more information. Thank you so much Diana Palm! Can't wait to take the next class."

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World- Class Expert

Get to know your Instructor!

World Renowned Afterlife Expert

Diana Palm

Diana Palm is a world renowned expert on the afterlife with over 30 years of experience as a professional medium. She is a multi-published author who has dedicated her life to helping people heal from grief through providing proof of the afterlife. Welcome to the Afterlife Portal where you have access to highly specialized spiritual training and resources. Diana's expertise is unmatched in the field; including her in depth knowledge of death & the afterlife. She shares her expertise as a medium and spiritual healer through her books, online courses, retreats, and through her #1 Spiritual Grief Healing Program.